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Coral Wonders

Date Written:



Poem written in aabbcc rhyme for an assignment during the fifth grade.

Full Text:

The waves whisper hello as I plop under.
All sea life greets me like the sound of thunder.
I glance around, not believing what I see.
So many creatures swim past me.
They continue on their way without a rest.
Striving to the end, they must do their best.

The colors of the rainbow flash before my eyes.
Fish swim past me of every shape and size.
Clown fish, angelfish, and butterfly fish, too.
So many creatures, I don’t know what to do.
A green moray eel slowly passes beneath me.
I silently watch, then I break free.

Gliding beneath the water like a bird in the sky.
I flip past sea fans, then I decide to try,
A bit of sea water, with its bland taste.
Salty and cold, I spit it out with haste.
Seaweed tickles my hands making me smile.
I’d love to stay here, just for a little while!

Starfish pause briefly then continue their dance.
Dolphins flip and seahorses begin to prance.
A school of parrot fish quickly darts away.
I probably won’t get another glance of them today.
A trumpetfish is a bamboo stalk.
If I ask it a question, do you think it will talk?

Damselfish dart daringly down into the deep.
Then I come to a drop off that is quite steep.
Looking behind me I see a forest unknown to others.
If only I could share this experience with my brothers.
I head back to my boat named the Ocean Rover.
Then I think to myself, why does this day have to be over?

I climb on the deck and take off my diving gear.
Having to leave this place makes me start to tear.
The sun has begun to set, and soon all light will fade.
So long to the wonders of the ocean I must bade.
I smell the salty ocean one last time today.
I will return to it again, some how, some way.


Colored Sea

Date Written:

January 2001


Descriptive poem written in the fourth grade

Full Text:

The blue whale, king of the sea

The gray dolphin, echoing a soft lullaby

The green sea turtle, moving gaily along

The pink squid, snatching its prey

The clear jellyfish, stinging anything near

The red crab, snapping at your toasting toes

The silver shark, out of sight

The gold fish, searching for a school

The purple octopus, leaving darkness behind him

The yellow starfish, waiting to be discovered

This is my colored sea

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