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Forgotten Friendship

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Going into middle school was a hard time for me. I went from a small, one-classroom/grade elementary, to a larger middle school with lots of new friends. My friends and I went though a lot of changes, and during the sixth grade I wrote this poem when I felt like I was losing one of my best friends from elementary to a new crowd of girls. It’s dramatic…coming from a sixth-grade mind…but also a great expression of how I loved to pour myself out onto paper.

Full Text:

Our friendship is like the weather,
Ever changing, never staying the same.
One day I feel like your friend,
The next day like yesterday’s newspaper.

I’ve thrown you signals, tried to let you know,
But again and again you disregarded them.
It’s like you are deaf and blind around me.
Why did you overlook what I make so clear?

You used to want to talk to me no matter where we were,
But you are abruptly too busy for me.
Elementary school ended, and middle school slammed head on,
Leaving me lying in the dust: forlorn, terrified, and shattered.

The sun started to shine for a few mere seconds.
We were companions again, joyfully giggling together.
I thought everything was back to normal,
But soon I would see that I was wrong.

A cloud of new friends covered our exuberance.
You met boys, and got attached to one.
He began to take up your time, your life,
Then, you began to vanish away from my world.

I feel like you are stricken with a deadly disease,
A disease that only affects me, not you.
As you slowly slide out of my firm grasp,
You get the gain and I inherit the pain.

I slowly observed you drift into the crowd,
A place where I can’t reach you.
My voice fatigues of calling out your name,
And soon I restrain from writing you letters.

Our classes are different, our lives no longer the same.
I had to find new friends that cared about me.
It seemed like you didn’t really notice,
Notice that we had both changed.

But the change wasn’t physical,
It was only in our forgotten friendship.
Have you already lost what little I hold to?
Have you tried to forget the past which is so dear to me?

But, I won’t ever forget you, or put your picture in my memory box.
I’ll hold firm to the strings that weave our friendship together.
I’ll keep you close to my heart and cry out your name,
Until you finally listen to my desperate plea.

Perhaps someday you’ll notice that I was always there,
Watching you get lost in the crowd, leaving me behind.
Come back to relive our forgotten friendship,
Mend my broken heart, I need you.


Colored Sea

Date Written:

January 2001


Descriptive poem written in the fourth grade

Full Text:

The blue whale, king of the sea

The gray dolphin, echoing a soft lullaby

The green sea turtle, moving gaily along

The pink squid, snatching its prey

The clear jellyfish, stinging anything near

The red crab, snapping at your toasting toes

The silver shark, out of sight

The gold fish, searching for a school

The purple octopus, leaving darkness behind him

The yellow starfish, waiting to be discovered

This is my colored sea

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