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Colored Sea

Date Written:

January 2001


Descriptive poem written in the fourth grade

Full Text:

The blue whale, king of the sea

The gray dolphin, echoing a soft lullaby

The green sea turtle, moving gaily along

The pink squid, snatching its prey

The clear jellyfish, stinging anything near

The red crab, snapping at your toasting toes

The silver shark, out of sight

The gold fish, searching for a school

The purple octopus, leaving darkness behind him

The yellow starfish, waiting to be discovered

This is my colored sea


Lego’s: My Childhood Nemesis

Date Written:

December 2008


A personal essay focused on my early discovering that I love to follow directions. I always struggled to just “play with Lego’s” like my brothers often did. They would build cars and houses and anything that came to their imagination. I, on the other hand, found myself confined to whatever set of instructions I could find at the bottom of the box.

Full Text:

Lego’s: My Childhood Nemesis

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