The Fall

Date Written:

Sometime after 2007


Many times in life I have struggled with the fear of falling from perfection, a hopeless quest I was bound to fail. This poem reflects those struggles and fears and how I have come to realize that it is only in Christ that we can be made perfect (John 17:23).

Full Text:

Doing all just to succeed
To make everyone proud
My best was giving all of me
Anything less was not allowed
From perfection never freed
I must stand above the crowd

This prideful heart I had to train
To not covet the very best
Recognition is not the aim
Just be a light and nothing less
So quietly I sought to gain
True and broken humbleness

The journey hard and long
Prayer brought me through
His promises I stood on
I desired to be made new
In His word or a song
He taught me to be true

Fear still had its grip
It’s presence lurking near
In my heart I was afraid to trip
And let my weaknesses appear
So their strings I tried to snip
And pretend they were not here

But the world would not fail
To test and try me every day
Expectations told the tale
Of who I was or what I may
And if I did not hit the nail
That is when they would say

Look and see how she will fall
Let’s laugh and stand around
Words that hurt in it all
Build me up then tear me down
It was not me I do recall
Who had uttered the sound

The fall was my biggest enemy
Of it I was so afraid
If I fell what would become of me
Who would come to my aid
From the edge I tried to flee
But inevitably I swayed

I lost my grip and tumbled fast
Nothing was the same
All things familiar quickly passed
Only me was there to blame
Fear had me in its grasp
There was nothing left to gain

I embraced myself for the end
When all would go up in flame
In time I would have no friend
My family would feel the shame
On who could I depend
A nightmare it had became

But that is when to my surprise
Something broke my fall
I held my breath and closed my eyes
Inside I felt so small
Slowly I began to rise
My name He began to call

I had landed in a pool of grace
Beyond anything I had ever known
He knew my faults and saw the place
Where to falling I was prone
Looking up I saw His face
The love in His eyes shown

He already knew I would break
And provided me with safety
His healing balm I would take
Until I felt more like me
Forgiveness He did not forsake
He then help me to see

That no matter where I go
Through every circumstance
He wants me to learn to grow
It did not happen just by chance
And if I face friend for foe
Just to Him I have to glance

The fall is just another way
For the lesson of trust to be taught
No matter the height or the dismay
In His arms I will be caught
His grace is always here to stay
No matter the battle I fought

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