Life is a Candle

Date Written:



Poem written in the sixth grade.

Full Text:

Life is a candle, flickering in the whispers of the wind.

Diminishing all fears and illuminating my path,

helping me through the thick and the thin.

Giving all that it has for me.

Reviving hope in the lost who stumble alone,

tired and too scared to go on.

But it keeps them from falling apart.

Life is a candle, melting in the scent of love.

A single soul can change my course forever.

Leaving me heart broken or forever joined.

It reaches into the depths of the heart,

finding the deepest secrets.

Sharing things that were hidden,

forbidden to hear.

Life is a candle, drawing light out of darkness.

It sees what is to come by what is already here.

Knowing who will stay and who will go,

seeing the future without putting on a show.

It gives hope to the lost, who are in despair.

Seeking all who linger in the shadows of life,

bringing them to warmth and comfort.

Life is a candle, a good friend to hang around.

Always there to mend my broken heart.

It comforts me when I cry, not saying a word.

It calms my spirit after a hard day,

leaving me to dream of things to come.

Filling my lungs with a precious aroma,

it clears my cloudy sky.

Life is a candle, slowly burning out.

Giving all that it has in its last minutes.

Reaching out to those it ignored before.

Grasping for the last breaths to hold to.

But life doesn’t last forever, as I know.

When the wick runs low, and the fire dims,

I know that life must come to an end.

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