The Mathematics of Grace

Today while I was studying, God spoke something to me. Often, God helps me understand things about Him by using mathematics. My brain is just wired that way. This is what He gave me today.

First, I’ll explain the math background. Suppose f is a function of time. So given some time, t, you can input it into f and get a result: f(t)=x Functions can have various properties, but we are going to say that this function is “memoryless.” That means for any time t1 that occurs before t2, f(t1) has no influence on f(t2).

Ok, enough about the pure math. How does that relate to grace? God’s grace works in mysterious and wonderful ways. As humans, we can offer forgiveness, but often that forgiveness is influenced by the past. God’s forgiveness is not the same. Because of grace, when we ask God for forgiveness, He doesn’t look back at the long list of our sins and make a final judgement. Through the awesome power of His grace, His forgiveness is always available if we just ask.

His grace is memoryless.

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