I am a junior mathematics and actuarial science major at Butler University. Currently I am doing research in the area of cubic graphs as preparation for writing my honors thesis. After I graduate from Butler, I will be attending graduate school to earn my PhD in pure mathematics. My career aim is to become a mathematics professor and specialize in the area of graph theory. Over the past few years, I have been strengthening my research and communication skills through my work at Information Commons. At Information Commons, we provide students, staff and faculty with research assistance and academic technology training and support.

This blog is the primary place where I will be publishing my coursework and honors thesis work, my professional development and documentations, and my personal reflections and writings. While the focus of most of my content will be on all things mathematics, I will also include things relevant to my work at Information Commons and my personal hobbies.

I am still in the process of creating and updating my professional portfolio, so please bear with me until it is finished. I will be posting my current work for my honors thesis, so please check my blog roll often even while I am in the development stage.

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